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Buying a Business

Buying a Business

Business Acquisitions Brokerage specializes in assisting investors/buyers in the purchase of businesses, commercial property, or investment property. Each investor has unique goals and desires. This decision can be as emotional to you as selling a business. So much of who you are will go into this new endeavor – finances, time, sweat, commitment.
We do an extensive valuation of every business we represent and work closely with the seller to develop a Business Positioning Plan to understand their goals and desires in such a transition. We work equally as closely with potential buyers to understand their goals and desires, their financial position, and time frame for making a decision. The outcome of these efforts result in working documents for the investors/buyers.

Goal Assessment

Business Acquisitions Brokerage begins each acquisition assignment with an in-depth evaluation, or Goal Assessment, to define the buyers criteria and more. The more we know about what you desire, the better we will be able to match the right business with you.

Financing Options

After many years of experience in selling businesses and commercial property,
we have learned innumerable ways to finance a purchase.
With a Mortgage Broker on staff, we can assist in all types of financing,
from as small as a simple home refinance to complete financing of a multi-million dollar facility.
We have been extremely successful in building lending relationships
with SBA lenders for business purchases, equity lenders for 5-day closings
and questionable credit situations, and lenders from A credit to all others.
If you need funding in South Florida, you should give our funding department a call at 561-687-4600.